I am seeing this really nice guy at the moment but sometimes I do wonder what I mean to him. Working for London escorts services can make you a bit suspicious, and I keep wondering if I am just his glamorous girlfriend with benefits or his lover. He does have a really good job but I have noticed that he has a tendency to show me off for his friends, I am quite a pretty girl so I suppose it makes him feel good. Fortunately he has not told any of his friends that I work for www.cityofeve.com London escorts services, I am not so sure how his posh friends would deal with that.

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Nick is a fun guy to be around and we have become really good friends, but I still feel a bit insecure in the relationship. I would like to think that I am more than a friend with benefits but sometimes I wonder if he just sees me as an extension of London escorts services, his own personal escort. His says that working for London escorts services has made me feel insecure and that I can’t take our relationship for what it is – a genuine loving relationship. He might be right but I am still not so sure.


So many of my London escorts friends have had relationships with disastrous consequences and I don’t want to be one of those. Sometimes I think that us London escorts are seen as easy touches when it comes to relationships but we are just regular girls really, but it might be hard for a guy to see the difference. I can fully understand that, London escorts must just seem like glamor girls to some chaps. In fact we are anything but and most of us work really hard to make a living.


I am not so sure if my relationship is going to last. Some of my London escorts friends say that it is just me feeling insecure and that my lover is a really nice guy. It is just that little tingling doubt at the back of my mind all the time. I would like to have a really good relationship with him and I am even considering giving up my career with London escorts services. There must be something else I can do to earn a living in London. I used to be a lap dancer so I might go back to that for a while.


Working for London escorts services has taught me a lot about love and life, but I also think it has made me a bit too suspicious. I have decided to take our relationship for what I think it is. We are not friends with benefits, we are lovers. Being someone’s lover means a bit more than being a friend with benefits, and I think that my boyfriend regards me in that sort of way. I have realized that I am in love with him and I hope that our relationship will continue to evolve.

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