Are erotic novels becoming too much?

It seems that a lot of people would like to have a go at writing erotic novels. They are becoming more and more popular, and the Amazon book store is just full of them. So far, I don’t think that anybody has written an erotic novel featuring inĀ Crystal Palace escorts, but it might make for interesting reading. Novels are becoming more and more outrageous, so perhaps it is about time we changed the trend to something more sensual. An erotic novel about Crystal Palace escorts, might just do the trick. It might even make for some interesting reading, and capture the hot babes of Crystal Palace in a different light.

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There are quite a few Crystal Palace escorts who have considered writing erotic novels, After all, many Crystal Palace escorts are in touch with their dates fantasy lives and it would be interesting if they would share some of their experiences as well. They don’t need to mention names, and the novels don’t need to be saucy. They could just be entertaining and fun for people outside of the world of escorting to read. Perhaps it would even change the minds of a lot of people, what Crystal Palace escorts are up to and redefine their position in Crystal Palace society.

Trish has been thinking about writing a novel. It would be sort of funny she says. I like to talk about my experience of working at Crystal Palace escorts, and share some of my crazy dates. These gents do bring us some funny stories about their lives. I also think that a novel from a genuine Crystal Palace escorts, would be less outrageous than you think. The general public would soon appreciate that we date a lot of gents who are very lonely and in need of companionship. It would make interesting reading for many counselors, says Trish.

Some of the girls that I have spoken to at Crystal Palace escorts would like to contribute their own chapters. May be one girl could write the book, and just make it a collections of Crystal Palace escorts tales. I thought about getting a ghost writer, but most of them want a fortune. Paying a ghost writer is okay, but how do you know if they are going to do a good job. No, I am sure that we have some genuine literary talent at Crystal Palace escorts and they would be happy to put pen to paper.

I would not use the novel as a promotional tool for Crystal Palace escorts. Looking around the Internet, you and that a lot of people use their own books as promotional tools for their business. I am afraid that wouldn’t really be right and fair to the gents that we date. It would be far more interesting to read about the many different life stories that we come across, and I think that would make for better reading as well. The trick would be to be honest enough but at the same time not compromise anybody. Most Crystal Palace escorts are very discreet so they would not want to mention any names at all, says Trish.…